Camperships Through Skate Wild Foundation


Jolly Boy x Skate Wild Foundation

Jolly Boy is proud to be partnered with the Skate Wild Foundation to sponsor kids to attend camp.

Every purchase gives a deserving child the chance to experience an unplugged, wilderness week in nature. 

The smell of a campfire, a blanket of stars, winding tree lined trails...we believe these moments can be life changing.  Jolly Boy sponsored has sponsored 7 children to date and look forward to sponsoring more.  Thank you for joining us! 

“My son has been truly inspired by Skate Wild and their program. It combines two things he loves, skateboarding and the outdoors. They have an amazing camaraderie on these trips and it nurtures their adventurous spirit. Tight crew and an experience not found anywhere else."

Stefaan Neukermans (parent)