Our mission is to give children opportunities in nature and provide them with "camperships" to attend outdoor camps and see the world from a new perspective. Exclusively partnered with Skate Wild, our proceeds help sponsor these deserving children.

From Our Customers

We’re HUGE fans of Jolly Boy. It’s our son's favorite hat. So grateful for companies like yours that create ridiculously cute and simple hats for kids.

Ashley F.

My son's favorite  is his Jolly Boy hat.  It is the perfect adventure hat for hot summer beach days or adventures camping.  He owns 3 colors of the hats and he wears them everywhere!

Lauren T.

He hasn't taken his hat off in months!  Hangs them on the side of his bed at night and then puts them on in the morning!

Ajenda G.  

We love our Jolly Boy hat.  Been repping it for 3 years!

Gaby F.

Thank you for the Jolly Boy hats!  Our son is breaking in the new yellow lid now and the green lid is next!  Keep up the good work.  We will always be following you for new products!

Mike S.


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