On our first date in 2004, while playing darts in a pub called the "Yacht Club" (that had nothing to do with boats or water), we dove right into a deep discussion regarding our upbringing and the most important events that we felt shaped us as individuals.  Coincidentally, we both attended outdoor camps in Colorado and agreed that the power of nature, the mountains and being away from the everyday pressures of life were transformative experiences for us.  Our hope is to be able to give underprivileged children similar opportunities in nature and provide them with "camperships" to attend outdoor camps and see the world from a new perspective.  We also encourage all children regardless of rural or urban environment to go explore.  Jolly Boy will equip you with hats and apparel to seize the day.  Thank you for joining us in our journey and furthering the mission of Jolly Boy Moments for all.  

- Kami and Brooks Marshall