Jolly Boy Movement

Making a Difference

My father always told me when I was a young Jolly Boy that people make a difference in countless ways and it often has an impact in both directions.  In The Handbook, he stated, “It is important to think of and help other people, because you, the individual, will benefit.  This benefit can occur at all levels.”   
At Jolly Boy, we are starting small with our aspirations to make a difference, but with our incredible early supporters, we are on our way to reaching our goal of sending underprivileged children to camp through our campership program.  We also continue to partner with the right manufacturers that share our passion for high quality materials and positive working environments since we want people to feel great about wearing our products.
We love seeing the many pictures and stories that involve Jolly Boy, so please continue sharing, tagging and spreading the word!  We are excited about continuing on this adventure and experiencing Jolly Boy moments through your eyes.  They are all around us from a playful moment in snow and hiking in the woods to a cardboard “fort” in the garage.  We look forward to sharing the journey with you.  
Un abrazo,