Jolly Boy Movement

entry 1

When setting out to create Jolly Boy, the goal was to fill a void in childrens apparel with sturdy clothing and cool gear. We wanted to use this platform to encourage young kids to explore outside and embrace the epic of the everyday.  Whether the Jolly Boy lives in a rural setting near mountains or woods, by the coast or even in an urban environment, there is discovery and adventure everywhere.  Richard Louv summarizes this idea from an adult perspective in The Nature Principal.  He states, "when traveling, I walk to restore myself.  Even in the loudest, most congested cities I usually find remnants of the natural world hiding in plain sight."  Seeing and experiencing the world through a young child's eyes can restore all of us.  Find your Jolly Boy moments and please share your story with us.  Our friends and supporters are what create meaning for us and will allow us to reach more people with the Jolly Boy story.  We want every young child to have a chance at a special moment outside, regardless of background or location.